Editor’s View: No Glass Ceiling


In my task I fulfill a few of the most incredible individuals in the jewellery market and I get to take a seat with them and hear their stories.

Both females and males have actually wowed me with where they’ve originated from and where they are today, and I really think we have a few of the best minds in service operating in the trade.

Last night I was really kindly asked by the Women’s Jewellery Network to rest on the panel to go over chances and difficulties for ladies working the UK jewellery trade, and when again I was struck by the stories I heard.

Prior to the night even started, I was influenced by the group I will be on the panel with sharing their individual stories, and letting each other understand that they are not alone.

When they provided their keynote speeches on the night, I was then additional motivated to hear more in information from Stella Layton and Lucy Reece-Raybould.

There are numerous females in the jewellery market, and undoubtedly history, who have actually battled to make company a much better location for ladies.

Exactly what a few of them have actually been through a number of my generation will (ideally) never ever experience, and it’s motivating to see these females still speaking up today to make sure the jewellery market is a much better location to be for the next generation of ladies.

Lots of have actually informed me that the jewellery market has actually occurred method and I think that to be real too.

It can still seem like a male controlled sell some locations, however numerous enhancements have actually been made to not simply raise ladies as much as senior functions however to strike a balance of gender, age, race and cultural equality.

The last concern on the panel last night was, ‘What would you state to a female wanting to have a profession in the jewellery market?’

Well I would state, the market is not ideal (is any market?) It’s one that aims to shimmer.

The simple truth that a group of males and females from senior executive positions to emerging designers congregated last night to hear us girls out and take part in a conversation is an indication that this trade is a safe location to construct a profession.

Individuals will support you, and you will have a great deal of enjoyable along the method since as Lucy stated last night, we are a trade where our services ends with a smile. The smile of somebody getting a piece of jewellery handmade by somebody in the trade and offered with care by a retail member of personnel.

Do not be put off by the discussions around gender equality you may here, due to the fact that enhancements are being made little by little, and individuals who can really make a distinction are taking and listening action to make sure no glass ceilings are put on any female, individual or male, in the jewellery trade.