Howard Levine tips down from Chalfen of London


Howard Levine has actually revealed he is leaving Chalfen of London to begin a brand-new market endeavor.

After more than 12 years with the corporation, the handling director is delegating begin a brand-new business. It will be company as normal at Chalfen of London with Sonny Akhtar at the reigns.

Discovering that it is getting harder for physicals sellers to protect engagement ring sales. Levine thinks he has an option to assist alter this.

His brand-new business, Diamnet, will provide jewellers a brand-new method, ingenious in-store experience and the capability to completely complete online. It will minimize expenses for the merchant whilst making them more competitive and offering their clients more option.

” The method diamonds and diamond rings are dispersed today hasn’t truly altered in years and something plainly has to offer,” describes Howard Levine. “The web is consuming everyone’s lunch and traditionals sellers need to discover a brand-new method to contend– I will make the service both extremely and cost effective simple to incorporate.”

Eventually, Diamnet will bring diamonds cutters and ring install makers closer to the jeweller in a combined effort to bring engagement ring sales back to sellers.

More details on business endeavor will be offered quickly.